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* Sara & Jesse Wedding *


Thank you for being a part of our special day. We didn't think we could afford someone as experienced as you, and with your reputation. You helped make that possible with your generosity. Thank you so much for figuring out how to make our random music choices flow, and for setting a beautiful ambience for our guests.

Sara & Jesse

* Caitlyn & Nick Wedding *



Thank you so much for everything! Your hard work and dedication was appreciated every step of the way. You made everything seamless and easy. Not to mention, you set the tone for an awesome party.


Nick and I really appreciate everything you did and feel so fortunate we had such an amazing DJ.


Thank you thank you! We had an amazing wedding and you were so pivotal in accomplishing that. All our best!


Caitlyn & Nick

* Ali and Jared Wedding *

Thank you for DJing our wedding this weekend.
You received so many compliments (including from the ranger!).

The music was perfect and you are the main reason Ali got the wedding of her dreams: An epic dance party.
You were the best throughout the day and evening.

Many thanks,
Ali and Jared

* Sean & Kara - Wedding *

Thanks for your note. I have received a number of texts mentioning how much fun people had at our wedding.
The music definitely got the people going. You struck the perfect balance between funky and mainstream.
People were dancing throughout the night. We loved having you as our DJ on our special night.

Thanks so much.
Sean P. Gordon

* Kelly & Michael - Wedding *

Dave - 

Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job! We had so much fun and the music was great!


Kelly & Michael Feldman :-)


* Greg and Elizabeth wedding *

Thank you so much for DJ'ing our wedding on September 19th.
You did a great job with all of the music cues, and your selection of music was fantastic!
We greatly appreciate you being a part of our wedding, and are forever grateful.

All the best!
Greg & Elizabeth


* August 15, 2015 - Slideshow Creation and Presentation *

I got so many compliments on the slideshow you put together.
If I could post a review for your work,
I would give you a 6 - on a 1 to 5 scale!
I think everything was excellent at my daughters wedding
but the slideshow you did was the highlight of the reception.
You made everything so easy during all the other drama,
I wanted to let you know how much that meant to a Momzilla of the bride.


Thank you so much,

* Julie & Tom wedding *

Dave - Thank you so much for Saturday night!
I had a great time; so great, in fact, I did not really ever leave the dance floor.
Everyone enjoyed the music and told us through the night how much fun they were having.
Lots of good feedback on the dinner music too!

Thanks again, feel free to use me as a reference.


Tom Garnett


* Katie & Aaron wedding *

Dave Dolphin came highly recommended to us by our venue coordinator, who expressed that Dave was a talented and experienced wedding DJ.
After having Dave DJ my wedding in Calabasas in August 2014, I can also highly recommend him.

We had a musician play pre-ceremony and for the cocktail hour, and Dave played the ceremony itself and the reception.
He dressed professionally, showed up at the venue early and was set up well in advance of the ceremony.
His timing was perfect for the ceremony. He did a great job as the emcee for our announcements and kept the dance floor rocking as a DJ.


There were several times when I was looking for a break in between songs to get a drink,
but Dave stacked one jam on top of the next so much so that it was difficult for me to get off the dance floor!
The dance floor was packed all night as Dave played great dance music for guests of all ages, and everyone had a great time.


I would highly recommend Dave Dolphin to anyone who wants a professional emcee/DJ and a fun, packed dance floor for their wedding.


Aaron Edwards
Santa Monica, California



* Hakkasan, Los Angeles *

Thanks for the Mix David!
We are enjoying your music with the top down in our car :-)

Best Regards,

Carl Nolet, Nolet Spirits


* January 10, 2014 - Text Message regarding one of my DJ Mixes *

Dude! Your mixing skills are seriously some of the best I have ever heard!
Wow! Right on!! :-)

Joy Balsam, DJ
Santa Barbara


* Pia and Jared wedding *


* February 9, 2011 - Video Editing Job *

I loved the (video)editing by Dave Whitcraft of
8 STAR Entertainment's documentary trailers...
creative, professional and beautiful.

Thank you again!

Cida Goncalves
8 STAR Entertainment

* July 31, 2010 - Darya and Jon Wedding *




* Create Fixate - L.A. Music and Art Show *

I want to thank you for inviting me to your gig last night. I can't tell you how inspired I feel.
I've been in my little cocoon for so long that I forgot how nurtured I feel by music and art and people together.
My mind is ablaze with possibility today and it feels so wonderful.

Thank you.
Elena Miliaresis


* Nostalgia! *

Hi Dave!
I've been loving your "Witchdolphin's Magical Underwater Cave" tape since about 1995,
and while I'm very excited about getting some of your new stuff-
(anything called "Under The Tree" makes me want to listen,
it reminds me of "Caverna Magica" by Vollenweider by the way)
I am always going to love Witchdolphin.
I was wondering if you ever put that out on CD,
because although I know there are ways that
I could burn audio cassette signal to a CD, it's not easy,
and I really want to preserve my favorite ambient mix!

Thanks again for making mixes that I love having as the soundtrack to my life!
And do accept my apologies if this is a rambling email or not 100% coherent...
writing to you was one of those 3:30 a.m. impulse ideas =)

=) Wendy

* October 16, 2002 *

Thank you Dave!
I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for doing such a great job at my party/charity event this past Sunday!
You were great and all my friends are still calling me and saying how much fun they had dancin' to your jams!
You did a great job with everything and you are really talented and so great to work with.

Thanks again!!
Caroline A. Rice, Consultant

KSA Choreography


* Lelia Rugh wedding *

Hi just back from Hawaii.
Just wanted to thank you again.
You did an awesome job.....thanks so much.
I will be seeing you around.


Take care have a great day,



*August 2000*

Your Orbit mix was one of 4 CDs I recently got from Pure Acid and it was, w/o question, the superior mix of the group.
This is the first time I've heard a mix of tracks I would use (and, in some cases, have used) myself -- not to impose my ego
on your creativity, just a way of saying it seemed so familiar, so right....

So this constitutes a fan letter, I guess ... which I hope is OK. When I saw your listing in the guestbook I couldn't
resist saying Thanks for providing a truly flawless mix. I plan to get all yr CDs from pureacid, and hope you will continue
to be releasing these righteous collections for the further delight and education of the world's wannabe dj's....

Live free and prosper!

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